Internet of Things (IoT)

As a total solution provider, Anantics brings comprehensive platform, hardware, accessories and secured software solution. We bring the necessary middle-tier which connects the sensor-embedded hardware to its digital twin – data intelligence at the backend.

The sensors are activated via an accompanying software application, and placed in the environment to be monitored. From there, the sensors send the data they collect through a device such as a gateway and communicate with the software application. Sensors often can be controlled through the software application.

Our solutions bring highly configurable workflows, rules-builder, data lookups, intelligent dashboards, and data integration with your backend as needed. It is all built upon modern distributed open architecture with big data and cybersecurity in mind. We can help you in fundamentally change productivity from assets and leverage data visibility to drive innovation.

We have business partnerships with many hardware OEMs, such as Alien Technology, Mojix, SensThys, Omni-ID, Zebra, Avery Dennison, ELA Innovation, Sewio, Sprint Technologies, etc. We have already built and delivered solutions to many organizations for their business applications in different parts of the world.

We understand that each client’s requirement is unique in a way, so please contact us at to start the communication.

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