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Anantics is a leading provider of information technology solutions and services. We are thought invoking engineers who take pride in helping organizations transition their enterprise systems into modern scalable solutions. Massive technology shifts are driving digital disruptions faster than ever, and our team has expertise to design and deliver innovative industry solutions.


We study the trends and upticks in technology world and invest our resources to understand their cause and effects. We research and practice the innovative ideas which add value to our solutions and deliverables. We are passionate to provide excellence though continuous improvement and education. We effectively nurture our resource gardening in the ever-changing technology world.


Being a GSA Schedule IT 70 contract holder and SBA 8(a) certified company, we are able to deliver the tools and expertise needed to shorten procurement cycles, ensure compliance and obtain the best value for innovative technology solutions and services to federal, state, municipal, and commercial clients. We blend our experience and technologies from multiple disciplines for delivering real solutions to your organization.

Solutions & Services

Our Software Engineering solutions encompass multiple technology stacks for DevSecOps, GIS, and BI driven Analytics. Our IoT solutions mesh multiple radio frequency technologies (RFID, NRF, BLE, UWB, GPS, LoRa) and many types of embedded sensors to identify, locate and track physical assets. Our solutions scale enterprise architecture with cloud computing and cybersecurity. We will clearly demonstrate our value differentiation through business information systems.

We have COTS and SaaS solutions, which could be readily available to our clients on a usage licensing basis. We endeavor to bring great ROI and keep you on the leading edge in your business.

We know how to deal with real-time data streams and ingress data from multiple sensors such as camera, pressure, temperature, humidity, fluid-flow, accelerometer, geolocation positioning, radio frequency tags, bluetooth low energy tags, etc. and send rule-driven events to any system or receiving sensor, such as, make buzz, blink light or send text message with event details.


We are committed to deliver greater value by providing the highest quality technology solutions and services, while developing a business relationship that is based on mutual trust and success. We are resolute professionals who take every challenge and opportunity seriously. We keep business ethics and professional conduct paramount to our core and services. It is our corporate social responsibility to develop an environment where creativity, sustainability, accountability, transparency and careers can thrive.

Total Solution Provider

As a total solution provider, we bring comprehensive platform, security, software, and hardware as a single solution, so you do not have to deal with multiple vendors. We develop custom web APIs, web sockets, and microservices, which can be seamlessly integrated with your enterprise systems. We design and develop fully responsive Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for web, mobile and desktop platforms as per client needs. We bring you certified cybersecurity experts and systems engineer who can help in secured deployments.

Business Partnerships

We are business partner with leading software OEMs, such as, Esri, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, IBM, Qlik, Milestone, and Mojix. We also enjoy our business partnerships with hardware OEMs, such as, Alien Technology, AccelIoT, SensThys, RF Controls, Wenglor, Omni-ID, GAO RFID and ELA Innovation. Our custom solutions consist of engineering and development work that involve meshing tools and technologies from multiple software and hardware vendors. Anantics solutions enable IoT and deep analytics, integrated with edge and cloud computing.

Vision & Mission

Anantics offers solutions for a dynamic business environment where advancement and technical strategies converge. Our Approach focuses on enhanced business strategies combining technology innovation and adoption.

Anantics will continue to utilize and achieve global standards of excellence in all aspects of its business and technical areas with the utmost focus on customer satisfaction. Our values are:

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