Digital Health Monitoring System

Digital Health Monitoring System

Digital health monitoring systems are designed to monitor and process key physiological signs, particularly among chronically ill patients and health-conscious individuals. When integrating appropriate algorithms, embedded sensors acquire and filter biosignals and extract meaningful and actionable health information, which is then wirelessly transmitted to a mobile phone-based gateway, through which both patients and physicians can be alerted. Simultaneous collection of an array of parameters by a single vital signs-sensing device, can provide for tight, long-term, low-cost and sharable health status monitoring, with the potential to improve health management and quality of life, promote both early intervention and proactive care and reduce health care expenditures.

Anantics brings Digital Health Monitoring System where collected information can be easily integrated into cloud-based health-care records, which have been established by several national healthcare programs, providing individuals and caregivers with a comprehensive record of medical status and disease symptoms. Utilizing patient’s personal smartphone as their monitoring gateway, actively involves patients in prevention responsibility by equipping them with accurate, accessible and simple self-management tools.

Anantics also brings mobile based non-invasive early diagnostic tool for the clinicians, by utilizing powerful mobile flash and camera. This solution used non-invasive technique for obtaining body organ-system wide biomarkers which can analyze the change changes in the body organ systems such as, Respiratory System, Nervous System, Vascular System, Functional Blood Biochemistry, Immunity System, Endocrine System, Lifestyle, and Psychological Health.

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