Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Solutions

RFID solutions allow to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real time in a defined area. RFID solutions encompass Communication Systems (RFID Tag, RFID Antenna and RFID Reader) and Information Systems (Software, Database, Apps) components for the business applications of Asset Tracking, Management and Inventory Control.

Anantics  offers various RFID technologies based solutions, involving Ulta High Frequency (UHF) Gen2 RFID tags for any material, RFID Fixed or Handheld Readers, RFID Antennas, Software Workflow and true IoT platform which can integrate the data feeds from RFID tags or any other sensor. We also extend our capabilities to RTLS (Real-Time Location System) with precision location tracking, presence detection, security & high density support.

Anantics  brings partnerships with world's leading RFID hardware manufactures, such as Alien, Avery, Mojix, Omni-ID, Zebra, etc. We assess and design the tailored RFID solutions implementation approach, and develop custom software solutions using manufacturer's SDKs and APIs. All these extensive expertise makes us unique one-stop RFID solution provider to our clients.


There are two main types of RFID tags: active and passive. Active RFID tags contain an onboard battery as a power supply, whereas a passive RFID tag does not, instead working by using electromagnetic energy transmitted from an RFID reader.

Passive RFID tags are a much more economical choice than active RFID tags. While a passive RFID tag does not require a direct line of sight to the RFID reader, it has a much shorter read range (20-30 feet) than an active RFID tag. They are small in size, lightweight, and can potentially last a lifetime.

Anantics  can provide any type of RFID tag in any form-factor for all possible application materials and environments, such as paper or glass or metal or heated ovens etc.

We can get RFID tags from Alien, Avery, Lexmark, Omni-ID, and many other sources. We can also get you RFID tags in any custom size or material so that your business practices and workflows are not affected.

RFID Readers

Anantics  provides various options for fixed and handheld RFID Readers from Alien, Mojix, Zebra and other manufactures. Key features of our RFID reader system are:
  • Processes signals in time, frequency, polarization, space
  • Precision location tracking, presence detection, authentication
  • Optimal performance despite natural interference
  • High transaction density support for item level tracking
  • Supports multiple simultaneous business processes and ALE messages
  • Ruggedized, weatherproof for harsh environments
  • Rapid, scalable, reliable integration based on state-of-the-art software interfaces
  • Easy-to-deploy and cost-effective RFID solution for any size deployments
  • Ideal for enclosed environments such as real-time retail inventory tracking, ambulatory patient flow management and indoor asset tracking, etc.
  • Distributed excitation architecture scales efficiently to multiple antennas per reader
  • Dual receivers provide the highest sensitivity available in a 4-port reader marketplace

RFID Antenna

As part of the design of the RFID antenna, parameters such as the radiation resistance, bandwidth, efficiency, and Q all need to be considered. Reader antennas convert electrical current into electromagnetic waves that are then radiated into space where they can be received by a tag antenna and converted back to electrical current.

Anantics  works with its clients to select right RFID antenna suited for the business application, as there are different types of RFID antennas which vary in size, thickness, and lot many technical specifications which are designed for specific use-case. The wrong RFID antenna can significantly limit systems performance, even if you have an excellent reader and tags.

Anantics  designs and tests the RFID antennas, which involves direction, angle, placement, power and adjusting various parameters to make the best performance for the given business application.

RFID Software Solution

Anantics  brings off-the-shelf web based and mobile apps for RFID application, and we also develop custom software applications which are suited for business requirements and workflows.

In the IoT world, thousands of sensors generate continuous high-capacity, high-speed data streams at different rates and formats. Wide-area RFID reader solutions provide high volumes of continuous real-time “Streaming RFID” data. ViZix is a Wireless sensor network that is optimized to monitor and process Big Data with Internet of Things (IoT) platform solutions.

ViZix IoT platform solutions enable businesses to consume, process, visualize and act upon time-sensitive information presented in intuitive, easy-to-understand formats. Highly flexible and configurable, ViZix enables users to customize business reports and user interfaces without additional code development, accelerating time-to-value. ViZix transforms real-time data into interactive maps, images and reports valued by business users, providing a rich user experience.